guesterly events: Cougar Capital Reunion

This fall, we were able to work with Cougar Capital for a fun runion event in Washingtion D.C. Cougar Capital is a student-run, private equity fund that enables students to participate alongside top-tier venture capital and private equity funds in the investment process.

With guesterly, reunion event guests were able to optimize
interactions and connect with friends old and new!

In an industry that is difficult to enter, breaking the ice with a guesterly enabled new connections and lasting friendships. As the perfect pocket-sized directory, guests will be able to use their guesterlys for years to come.

"We looked at the guesterly book before the event to know the schedule, and plan our travel and accommodations accordingly, as well as see who will be attending and read their bios. During the event we used the book to know where we should be and to remember names and faces." - Doug H. Available in print and digital form, Cougar Capital decided to provide both guesterly formats to their guests. Those who attended were able to easily access event information through a mobile device or printed book.

To learn more about creating a guesterly for your next
business retreat or reunion event see here!

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All photos provided by Jordan Roper.