how to eat like a nutritionist on your wedding day

You've heard it a thousand times, but your wedding day will go by in a whirl—the type of wonderful whirl that might leave you wondering if you've eaten anything come midnight. It happens to the best of us—even guesterly founder Rachel, who was a professional food editor at the time of her wedding, never thought to plan out meals and snacks for her wedding day.

But our friend Arielle Haspel, the nutrition and lifestyle expert behind Be Well With Arielle and host of Glamour's cooking show, made eating well—from breakfast to the late night munchies—a priority. Here's how she planned out her wedding day eats, and her tricks you can steal:

1) Rise and Shine: Before you get to food, start your day with some type of exercise—something light with good music, anything that will help blood flow, your skin glow and get your body energized for a day of getting ready, photos and lots of dancing.

Arielle and her bridesmaids did a hotel room yoga session the morning of her wedding. (See guesterly bride Shannon's wedding yoga tips here!)

2) Breakfast: Eating a smart, substantial breakfast (make sure it includes protein!) is key because once you start getting ready it's easy to get caught up with the energy and excitement of the day.

Arielle opted for green juice and egg and kale sandwiches for her bridal party after yoga. (We also spy ultra-hydrating coconut water in her arsenal!)

3) Time for Lunch: What you eat leading up to and on the day of your wedding can affect your skin tone. Opt for colorful veggies and omega-rich fresh fish for that extra bridal glow.

Arielle scheduled in time to munch on a salmon salad before heading out for pictures—a move that was much appreciated later in the day!

4) Wedding Food: Your guests will appreciate if you offer some lighter, fresher options alongside more standard, decadent items—and it means you'll have something healthy to add to your plate as well.

For example, Arielle and new husband, Lee, offered their guests fruit smoothies, kale chips and sushi during cocktail hour.

5) Make Time to Eat: Every guest will want to say hi and you will be having SO MUCH FUN that it's likely you'll forget to eat. Even if it's just 90 seconds and two bites, take time to taste your meal. It will give you a boost of energy so you can enjoy the night—and you don't want to miss out on the food you put so much effort into planning!

6) Snacks: At the end of the night nourish your guests with some healthy or hydrating snacks like popcorn and coconut water, and make sure to enjoy them yourself. Bonus: you'll help everyone avoid hangovers, so they can join you at the morning-after brunch.

That's all it takes—a little pre-planning to help you have an amazing wedding day, where you look and feel your absolute best!

These gorgeous photos were taken by Harley Hall Photography and the event was catered by Lederman Caterers.

Your guests want to feel their best too—make them stand out at your wedding and get started on your guesterly today!